Finding Purchase Code

Themeforest Purchase code is important to get Customer Support and Registration on this website. Please following the steps below to get your purchase code: Step 1. Login to Step 2. Go to your Downloads page Step 3. Browse to Bravio and click on Download, refer to screenshot below: Step […]

Setting up Side Navigation

WordPress Side navigation works with child pages, that means if you have the following structure: About Us (Parent Page) – Company Profile – Mission Statement – Team Members – Privacy Policy – Contact Us All pages under About Us are children and will work with the Side Navigation. Once you […]

Sidebars & Widgets

You can create unlimited sidebars to use on them on different pages. Sidebars can be used along with Side Navigation and individually (stand alone). For creating Sidebars, please navigate to: WP Admin -> Appearance -> Sidebars From the page above you can create new sidebars to be used on different […]

Menu Icons & Descriptions

For activating a menu description & icons, you need to edit your current menu and add Font Awesome icons and description in each menu. Please refer to the screenshot below: By Default Description is hidden in WP Menus, for this please click on Screen Options within the same page (top […]

Creating One Page Template

Step1. For creating one page template you need to create navigation (menu) for One Page template page. Please navigateto: WP Admin -> Appearance -> Menus and create new menu called One Page Menu or something similar by adding Custom Links. Please Note: The url of custom links should be like: […]

Setting Main Navigation

By default here is no navigation set in WordPress. You have to create and set main navigation. Please Navigate to: WP Admin -> Appearance -> Menus Create a new menus with name “Main Menu” if not created yet. Then add recently added pages, under your menu. From the bottom section […]

Revolution Slider Activation

Revolution Slider is bundled with Bravio theme, hence you do not need Activation / Purchase code. This is packages version that does not require you to activate plugin. Following support/service will not be included from Third party developer (Themepunch): – Support from is not included – Auto-updating functionality will […]

According Shortcode Snippets

Please Note: Below examples are based on 100% Fullwidth page template thus also utilizing Fullwidth shortcode, but that is not required if you are not using certain page template. Snippet 1 View Accordions Live Demo Sreenshot: All other Skins Shortcode Snippet

Page Templates

Bravio currently support 6 pages templates: 1. 100% Width This page template comes with 100% fullwidth without any left/right margins. This template is typically used with FULLWIDTH shortcode. 2. Blank Page (No Header, Footer) This template does not include header or footer. 3. Blog Template This is for creating a […]

Creating Portfolio Page

For creating Portfolio page, please proceed with creating all your portfolio items by navigating to the following location: WP Admin -> Portfolio -> Add New Please fill all the required information, select skills, categories etc. Current page will look like the following screenshot: Once you have created all your portfolio […]