Creating One Page Template

Step1. For creating one page template you need to create navigation (menu) for One Page template page. Please navigateto:

WP Admin -> Appearance -> Menus

and create new menu called One Page Menu or something similar by adding Custom Links.
Please Note: The url of custom links should be like: #home, #about, #service

There is no need to assign this menu to any theme location as it’s a custom page men only used for One Page Template. You can later use the same menu on any other One Page Template pages.

While creating each new link use a HASH before the menu, for instance if you are creating About Us page use #about in the URL, please refer to the screenshot below:

Step 2. Once you have created all desired Menus (custom links) click Save Menu. Now please navigate to (New Page):

WP Admin -> Pages -> Add New

Please select Page layout template i.e. Sidebar, Fullwidth, 100% Width etc. For this particular example choose 100% Fullwidth Template from Page Attributes.

Step 3. Click on One Page Template checkbox (to check) from Page Options (Clixint Design Panel).

Step 4. Click on “Navigation” from Page Options and selected your recently created menu from the list. You may also choose a custom skin if desired.

Creating One Page with Sidebar

If you are creating a One Page Template with Sidebar, then you need to ignore previous step of choose “One Page Menu” from Main Navigation, instead click on “Sidebar” from Page Options and select “One Page Menu” from “Side Navigation. Please refer to screenshot below:

You may also choose sidebar positions, other sidebar (with custom widgets) and pre-designed side menu skins.

Please Note: The first menu Home in our example will take the scroller to top, and we do NOT have to create custom anchor within the content.

Step 5. Creating Content for One Page Template. You may use all page options, shortcode, html to design your page. Below is content example. Menu_id should be exactly same as you created in menu without HASH # tag.

Place Content of Home link at the top
[onepage menu_id=”about”] Your Content [/onepage]
[onepage menu_id=”features”] Your Content [/onepage]
[onepage menu_id=”services”] Your Content [/onepage]

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