Menu Icons & Descriptions

For activating a menu description & icons, you need to edit your current menu and add Font Awesome icons and description in each menu. Please refer to the screenshot below:

By Default Description is hidden in WP Menus, for this please click on Screen Options within the same page (top – right corner) and click on Description (checkbox). Please refer to Screenshot below:

Activating Menu Icons & Setting Position

Once you have setup and added all menu & menu icons (menu icons are Font Awesome classes), please navigate to:

Enable / Disable from Theme Options

WP Admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Main Navigation -> Menu Icon Settings

Enable / Disable from Page Options

Similarly if you want to enable/disable from Page Options, please navigation to “Navigation” under Page Options, refer to screenshot below:

Activating Menu Descriptions

For activating/enabling Menu Descriptions please navigate to Theme Options:

WP Admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Navigation -> Menu Description Settings

Similarly you can activate/deactivate from Page Option -> Navigation -> Menu Description -> Show/Hide

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